When should I introduce cutlery to my toddler?


Though there are many factors to consider, most toddlers are ready to learn self-feeding around 10-12 months. This is the recommended age by the CDC. Of course, this is just a recommendation as all our littles develop skills at their own pace!


Signs of Readiness

 Although there is a recommended age to start introducing self-feeding with utensils, there are also some tell tail signs that your little one is ready to pick up that fork or spoon all on their own.


  • Older than 6 months
  • Can support themselves i.e.., holds themselves up right
  • Expresses interest i.e., grabbing the spoon /fork you are feeding them with
  • Comfortable with finger foods
  • Has an interest in being independent


Introducing Fork & Spoon

Although you don’t necessarily need special utensils for your little one, it can sure help make learning easier, and safer. Providing your toddler with a fork and spoon that is made to fit their hand can drastically aid in their quick learning and motor skill development. Plus, avoid any ouchies that may occur when leaning to use fork tines! 


When your little one begins showing interest in feeding themselves, start with introducing a spoon. They’ll have an easier time learning how to use a spoon while they improve their fine motor skills. Once they’re comfortable using a spoon, you can introduce a fork.


The Glitter & Spice Fork & Spoon set

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Aside from the functionalities of our new fork & spoon set, we wanted to make meal time FUN! Our first set is way too cute to not want to pick up and become familiar with. If your little one isn't much for Dino's, don't you worry because we have more fun and adorable versions coming soon!

Happy snackin' !